A new DMR radio

DMR is Digital Mobile Radio so that last part is redundant.

Anyhow I’ve been watching with amusement the whole digital sphere coming to amateur radio. First Icom embraced D-Star or Digital Smart Technologies for Amateur Radio. Nope. Yaesu went with C4FM – this is close to the standard used by public safety’s APCO P25. But doesn’t interact with it. It’s essentially in a silo.

And finally there’s DMR. I chose DMR because there are more DMR radio manufacturers than there are C4FM or D-Star.

Now getting my mind wrapped around how DMR works is interesting. It’s got a lot of features in common with APCO P25 for example. There are talk groups, contacts etc. So it’s a blending of amateur radio and elements of the PSTN or Public Switched Telephone Network.

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