Got my TYT MD380 all programmed

Found the New England code plug for the radio. A code plug is basically a file with all the zones, repeater, simplex, etc. broken out. Plus I can add zones too.

That makes it really easy to program. Just open the code plug, connect the radio and write the data. Simple. Finding that New England code plug was hard though. Just go to the New England Digital Emergency Communication Network (NEDECN) and once there click on the DMR Downloads link on the left. Then click on DMR Code Plugs, and then Tytera (Which is TYT) and then select your code plug for either VHF or UHF. Then open the MD380-G software and then File/Open the code plug you just downloaded.

Connect your radio to the computer using the USB cable. Then Ctrl-W to write the code plug to the radio. So I now have MA, NH, ME and VT in my radio. And I’ll edit the code plug to hit the two DMR sites here in RI, one in Smithfield which is about 10 miles from me, the other in Bristol which is also about 10 miles from me as the crow flies.

And it works for me as I commute into Boston daily. So I’ll keep the MD380 with me too.


I had to program my call and DMR ID into the radio. It’s in the general settings.

10 thoughts on “Got my TYT MD380 all programmed

  1. Hi! Thanks for this post. I downloaded the NEDECN codeplug, but have no clue how to edit the codeplug to include the RI repeaters. Can you help or point me in the right direction? Using an Anytone 868.

    1. Ed, well you can always open up the codeplug in the app for the Anytone, add the info for RI repeaters and then save the file to the radio and you can also export it to the local file system.

      1. Thanks. The issue is, the RI repeaters are listed in the Channels section of the code plug, but NOT in in the Zones Section. So, the RI repeaters don’t show up on my radio. When I scroll through the various channels, only channels/repeaters listed in the zone section of the code plug show up. Any suggestions? Appreciate your thoughts.

      2. Well Ed, I’m pretty much at the limit of my knowledge on that one. I think you but I could be wrong the repeaters need to be added to the RI zone.

      3. Thanks. I will play around with the repeaters and zones in a test copy of the code plug. Best. Ed

  2. Update: Was able to create the new Zone and load the RI DMR Bristol Repeater channels. Success! Perhaps I’ll hear you on the air sometime.

    Thanks again for the article!



  3. Any chance of getting a copy of your md-380 code plug? NEDECN doesnt have one any more.

  4. Hi, thanks for all this. I just got a TYT MD 9600 and have been looking for the codeplug you mentioned. I went to the NEDECN site, but there weren’t any TYT codeplugs on there. Could you possibly send me yours? Or what am I missing? Thanks, 73, Dave WB6RFV

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