On Sour Pickles

Ok, so since I was a child I’ve loved sour pickles. The vinegar just gives it that flavor I can’t describe. I can recall a little neighborhood store Cussano’s that had a big jar of sour pickles priced at 5 cents per pickle. My cousin and I would get them and then go watch the Creature Double Feature on Channel 56 with sour pusses on.

So recently we were in BJ’s Club and spotted these pickles that said clearly SOUR PICKLES. Me thinking hey, those are the vinegar cured ones and no dice. Oh they were good but it was dill and garlic. I make those on my own but it sent me in search of real sour pickles. So to Amazon! Found a gallon jar of them for pretty short money. And that jar of sour pickles came in today. And it looks suspiciously like what I remember as a kid. So I popped the lid and tried one – yup just like I remembered. Someone tried one and was a bit taken aback by the sour part. It is an acquired taste and he’ll get used to it. Got a whole gallon of pickles to go through.

Here in Rhode Island we are known to love our vinegar. We even put it on french fries. And who doesn’t love salt and vinegar potato chips?

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