Obnoxious guys

So yesterday on the train there were about 8 ot 10 guys – all in their late teens or early twenties. They were pretty fucking obnoxious. Very loud, to the point where the train conductor had to ask them to tone it down.

But then there was also the element of homo-erotic to them. They’d sit with their arms around each other. Very touchy feely with each other.

But it brought to mind, that men should be placed in barrels with a bung driven in until such time as they reach the age of thirty to thirty five. I found myself in agreement with that term yesterday.

One thought on “Obnoxious guys

  1. I worked in America for a while when I was younger and noticed that. Some straight guys had their hands all over each other. I just thought I was some sort of repressed Brit. Well, I am.

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