Internet Service issues

So for the past two weeks we’ve been seeing the net connection go down at approximately 10AM and between 10PM and 12AM.

Last night it worked my last nerve. Now some months ago I’d purchased a cable modem on Amazon. It was cheap enough and when you compared the price to what Cox Communications was charging me per year it made sense. But through inertia it never got installed, until of course early this morning.

Got the customer service folks on the line and I said I had a spare modem I’d purchased. She recommended we do the swap. Gave her the serial number and HFC MAC address and an hour or so later good to go. HFC if I remember correctly is Hybrid something Coax.

I replaced the Cisco (Now it’s not all Cisco gear in the house!) with the Arris/Motorola SurfBoard6121. The art has changed considerably – they use RGB LED’s in this puppy. Or at a min Blue/Green.


And I’ll be returning that Cisco cable modem to Cox today. Take it off my account thank you.


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