Creating a nation of Dumb Fucks

So I just watched this video:

And it was President Clinton who killed the Tevatron and FermiLab – Enrico Fermi is probably spinning so fast in his grave that he could power Chicago.

But then it hit me, how many scientists have we had as our Presidents, Speakers, et al and the answer is none. Or close to none. At last JFK understood the path forward was with rockets.

But ever since we’ve had a string of science illiterates as our leaders. Granted Fermilab got gutted in 2012-2013. So maybe one of those physicists should be bread to be our next leader. Because we’ve had teachers, historians, lawyers and actors as President. How badly could we do with someone who understood science?

Just imagine were that the case we’d have colonies on the Moon, Mars, probably a huge rotating space station and maybe even anti-gravity. Wouldn’t that be cool.

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