New Music additions to my library

How could I have missed these tracks. First up Bronski Beat lead by Jimmy Sommerville Once he left Bronski Beat he formed up with The Communards.

And more on the Bronski Beat – it was a three member group – and all three including Jimmy himself were gay men.

Here’s Small Town Boy:

Next is Tell Me Why

Now we move to his time in The Communards – with Never Can Say Goodbye:

Then we have the Communards with Don’t Leave Me This Way:

It’s funny – how many of the artists from 1980’s were in fact gay men. George Michael, Boy George, Jimmy Sommerville, Limal, and a whole bunch more.



2 thoughts on “New Music additions to my library

  1. Including Andy Bell from Erasure, Martin Gore from Depeche Mode, at least one of the Pet Shop Boys (honestly don’t know if Chris Lowe is gay), etc.

    I very much like BB’s “Hit That Perfect Beat,” which I think was recorded after Sommerville had left to form the Communards. Also, they sing backup on Eartha Kitt’s song “Cha Cha Heels.”

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