How to change society by Robert Sapolsky

Robert Sapolsky is a neuro-scientist. I’ve watched some of his videos on YouTube and it’s fascinating stuff.

The two most fascinating thus far are the one about the Baboon troop in Kenya. He described how when he first visited the troop the alpha males always ate first. He’d left it for a year or two and went back and was shocked by the fact the troop underwent some horrific event. That event was a local dump with food waste. Since the alphas always ate first they were infected with tuberculosis and subsequently died.

The effect on the troop – more peaceful and cooperative members in the troop.

Then he talks about toxoplasmosis – it’s a protozoan parasite that infect mammals. Specifically rats, mice, felids and even homo sapiens. But on the rats he and his group found that rats infected with toxoplasmosis were no longer fearful of the pheromones in cat urine. And the method was that toxoplasmosis produces dopamine and calms the fearful response to cat urine. Thus they get eaten by cats, cats excrete the waste and it’s infected.

One interesting thing he brings up – is a conversation he’d had with a couple of doctors/surgeons. One surgeon mentioned that in organ transplant they tested for toxoplasmosis of motorcycle accident victims. And sure enough many were infected with toxoplasmosis.

But lets bring it back to the alphas – if we could just eliminate alphas from our society or strongly curtailed their power, we’d have an all the more peaceful society.

And leap of logic being what it is, let’s look at the U.S President Donald J. Trump – his behavior is classic for brain defect caused by external actor and he’s an alpha. Think about it, multiple marriages, brash behavior, the whole nine yards.

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