Wherein Cox finally admits, they’re doing ‘work’

So I’ve been having repeated net connectivity issues – mostly now it’s between 10:00PM and Midnight.

So every time it happens, I take the log snippet off my firewall and send it off to the good folks at Cox Communications.

So after sending the latest batch and saying I’m getting tired of this I get the following response. If you’re not familiar FEC is Forward Error Correction. DOCSIS is and I kid you not is Data Over Cable Service Interface Specification.  So in essence they’ve been doing system work which in my book says upgrades, patches etc. during the time period I indicated. It took at least a half dozen phone calls, 20+ emails to get them to admit that. Jesus Christ on a Stick!



We have been performing work lately on the docsis side of the house ECR000000397606.  Not sure at this time if it relates to what you are experiencing as the only thing seen on the modem at this time are some FEC issues.  If you would like to schedule an appointment for a tech to come out for testing please advise, and we can provide you some timeframes we have available.  If you would like to hold off til after this work is done to see if this improves without a tech that is fine as well.  You can contact us in a day or two and ask for the update on that ticket.  Just let us know.

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