What bothers me most about the current U.S. President

Yeah, I can’t even say his name. It’s that the entire news cycle is dominated by the latest scandals and antics of the Orange Goblin.

Of course when he was elected I knew this would be the case. The guy is a walking conflict of interest. And the one thing I know about the news cycle being dominated by his ass is that it spells the end of his presidency. It’s only a matter of when and not if that he’s going to either suffer a major health catastrophe or he’s going to either be impeached or resign on his own accord because he can’t handle the presidency.

He’s essentially a petulant child. He’s someone who should have had a bat taken to his head at a young age. In essence a spoiled brat. And he’s the President?!?

2 thoughts on “What bothers me most about the current U.S. President

  1. I believe I read recently that only 27% or so of Americans believe he will finish his term. Unfortunately, I think he is far too narcissistic to resign because he can’t handle the presidency, because he will never feel that he can’t handle anything. Of course, resignation may happen due to a major health problem, and I agree with you that is quite within the realm of possibility. I certainly don’t wish assassination or death on him, in part because I fear that would pretty much cinch a GOTea rule for quite a while (and in part because I’m just not a fan of murder). Impeachment might happen, although I wish it wouldn’t until after the 2018 elections. Somehow, I sense some sort of constitutional crisis looming in our future. My longtime companion is certain that there will be some sort of public uprising or revolution, but I think the days of such actions are long gone in this country.

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