And so it begins

So I’ve now invested a modest amount in a crypto currency. It’s a newish one originating only a few years ago. Highly secure – as it’s all the big banks getting into the game.

If it performs anything like BitCoin did I’m in for a lot of money as I bought low and intend to sell medium to high. In essence I’m getting into currency trading.

The intention is to be ‘retired’ within a few years or by the time I hit age 55. It’s entirely within the realm of probable and possible. It’ll be a nice retirement, no more bosses, no more bullshit.

And once I receive the lump sum I’m expecting I’ll put more than a modest amount into the currency trading.

As to the security – the site I use to purchase this currency uses two factor authentications, and the payment processor – photo of me holding the card used exposing the first four and last four digits of the card. Wow.

What I like most about currency trading is that it’s unlike stocks where you have to become a day trader. Instead it’s a low and slow monitoring. And I have price text alerts coming to my phone. But I’m taking the semi-long view on this one. I realize once you’re into 7 digits in coin, the interest alone is enough to live on in perpetuity.

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