Car Review: Honda Odyssey

So the other day I had to grab a car for a couple hours to get some ingredients for a dish. Ended up with a Honda Odyssey.

Two things I test with any new car I drive. 1) Can I easily get it to red line and b) How does it perform at speeds of 80MPH or more.

I’m happy to report for a mini-van the Honda is pretty damned good. Front and rear climate control, tilt wheel, not sure the engine but it sure did perform. Didn’t shimmy at all over 80MPH. Amazing. Transmission/transaxle is pretty good too. If I were in the market I now know my two favorite mini-vans, the Toyota Sienna and the Honda Odyssey.

And it was a 2017 and I note Honda improved the bluetooth experience in the van. Didn’t have to delete entries to add my phone.

Here’s the dash – it’s going all glass:

3 thoughts on “Car Review: Honda Odyssey

    1. Because I pretty much can. I know where the State Police hide and there are wide stretches. And I find the 55MPH speed limit highly offensive because I remember when I was young, speed limits on I-95 was 70MPH. Plus I know cars are now LOADED with safety features.

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