Coffee: Getting better at roasting

Take a look at these:

Found out the trick – buy the least expensive popcorn popper you can find. I went with this one:

61nazl2blqfl-_sx355_Yup – a West bend Stir Crazy for all of $21.60 on Amazon. Dump in anywhere from 4 to 8 oz of coffee beans, wait 25 minutes and presto – roast coffee beans. It’s really awesome. Optimally 6 oz. seems to work best in this device. And it’s a damned sight cheaper than a fancy home coffee roaster, about 1/10th or less the price. And the added benefit, I can also do popcorn in the thing.

And the coffee it produces – first off I shall never again buy french roast beans. They’re pretty much stale when you get them. And the coffee – it’s heavenly. You get fruity and other notes in it. It’s what happens when you don’t roast the hell out of it and it’s fresh.

But this doesn’t mean that someday I’ll pop a couple grand and get a professional coffee roasting rig. But for now every few days I’ll roast a bit more and we’re good. And we don’t drink that much coffee to warrant roasting pounds of beans.

I’m also considering growing a coffee plant – I want to see what coffee cherries taste like. You get that from WalMart for about $5 per plant. I know, I don’t live in a zone that would be considered good for making coffee but it’s going to be inside heated/cooled space so it may work.

Speaking of which I think I’ll go make some coffee now.


3 thoughts on “Coffee: Getting better at roasting

  1. Are you still brewing in a French press? Have you ever considered using an Aeropress? Really keeps the flavor, a lot less messy, and less sludge in your cup too.

    1. Yes I still use French Press. The key is keeping it clean so no off tastes. And the one I have has two screens plus a catch on the lid. No sludge.

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