Movies: Against the Law

So I saw on a forum that the movie Against The Law  – so I searched online and found it. It’s about the criminalization of homosexuality in the UK and it’s ultimate repeal.

During the court case I found myself shouting  – I would not have put up with the invasion of privacy that occurred in the cases. I’ve never been one who thinks the law is infallible. That the law needs frequent review and updating.

It carries into my posts about the U.S. Border Patrol and how they need to stick to the border and not 100 miles inland. And that demanding ID is wrong. In fact Rhode Island law says the only thing they can ask your name and business. No requirement to show ID.

One thought on “Movies: Against the Law

  1. I agree that the whole border patrol situation has gotten incredibly out of hand. Especially with the number of illegal crossings having gone down in recent years. Perhaps the inland stopping points are simply a way of defending their budget?

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