Month: July 2017

A New Digital Multimeter (DMM)

08_36_13I ordered this months ago. It finally arrived today. Not a bad meter – as we can see immediately at the bottom is 1000 volts CAT 3 or Category 3 which means it’s safe to hook to mains voltage here in the U.S.

Nice big 4 digit display or more accurately 5.

Bluetooth connectivity and comes with full set of probes and a nice case. Well worth what I paid for it a long time ago.



More tracks added

First off it’s funny – calling them tracks when in reality they’re just digital MP3 files. Anyhow here are some recently added songs to my music library.

Ronny Jordan’s rendition of Night and Day:

Another from Jordan is After Hours:

Then there’s Fourplay with 101 Eastbound:

And Paul Hardcastle’s Rain Forest:


Let them Eat Cake (NOM’s response)

Oh my – got this recent missive in my email from old Pumpkin Face Brian Brown. Look – it’s pretty certain that Mr. Jack Phillips isn’t a good businessman. Why? Because he hasn’t realized that those little green pieces of paper or increasingly electronic bits are good to have no matter who they come from.

And his contention that he gets involved – bake the cake, deliver it, set it up and go. You don’t need to approve of the wedding participants. And I gotta wonder, how is NOM hitting it’s budget numbers? Because it appears to me that Brian Brown is nothing but a bigot with no other useful skills. And I stripped out all the donate links and re-linked them to HRC, and Ali Forney Center and the like. Why give money to the bigots, but give it to supportive orgs instead.

With Neil Gorsuch now on the US Supreme Court, as one of its last acts of the current term the Supreme Court decided to accept the case of Masterpiece Cakeshop v Colorado Civil Rights Commission, a critical case that highlights the growing problem of supporters of marriage being discriminated against by government and targeted for harassment and punitive punishment in violation of our constitutional rights.

Jack Phillips is the owner of Masterpiece Cakeshop, a skilled baker and cake artisan, and a devout Christian. He runs a family business that has thrived in Lakeland, Colorado for nearly 25 years. He’s happily served all clients, and continues to sell baked goods to anyone who seeks them regardless of their religious beliefs, politics or sexual orientation. However, when it comes to applying his artistry and creativity to helping with events and ceremonies that violate his deeply held religious beliefs, he draws the line and declines to personally participate. Contributing his artistry to a gay “wedding” is such a ceremony that Jack cannot in good conscience help with. So when two homosexual men asked him to design a cake for their “wedding” he politely declined. Predictably, the men sued and some months later, after enduring an onslaught of abuse from LGBT activists and a raft of negative publicity, the Colorado Civil Rights Commission determined that Jack was guilty of sexual orientation discrimination, ordered him and his staff to design cakes for gay ceremonies, and further ordered him to undergo a “re-education” program along with filing quarterly “compliance” reports.

NOM is determined to end this type of targeting of people who hold true to the reality that marriage is and always will be the union of one man and one woman. Will you stand with us and help us with a financial contribution so we have the resources to argue for the rights of Jack Phillips and all marriage supporters?

It’s outrageous that not only can LGBT extremists get the judicial elite to impose gay “marriage” on the nation, but that they can get their allies in government to punish anyone who disagrees and refuses to go along with the charade that marriage is anything other than the union of one man and one woman.

Sadly, Jack Phillips is far from the only one who has been subjected to governmental persecution, reputational ruin and the threat of being financially devastated. Countless others have also been targeted by LGBT extremists and their allies in government.

We are going to do everything in our power to put a stop to this, and make this the summer when marriage supporters are protected.


  1. Conduct a strong public education campaign supporting NOM’s legal team as we prepare to file amicus briefs with the US Supreme Court in the Masterpiece Cakeshop case. The justices of the Supreme Court need to understand the devastation that their ruling redefining marriage has wreaked on the nation.
  2. Working with allies, organize tens of thousands of Americans to contact Attorney General Jeff Sessions to demand that the Trump administration move forward with a long-promised Executive Order to protect individuals, pastors, churches and nonprofit groups who believe in traditional marriage from punitive actions against them by the government.
  3. Work with key champions in Congress, including Sen. Mike Lee and Rep. Raul Labrador, to reintroduce the First Amendment Defense Act to make permanent the types of protections that would be contained in an Executive Order and a victory before the Supreme Court. President Trump has already endorsed this type of legislation, but it has not yet been introduced into Congress.
  4. As part of the public education campaign, we must highlight the utter hate that many on the left have for people who remain firm in their belief that marriage is as God created it – one man and one woman. This includes formally launching our First Freedom Initiative which, among other things, will highlight the animus and dangerous tactics of groups like the Southern Poverty Law Center and the grossly-misnamed Human Rights Campaign.

Combined, these four priorities form the backbone of NOM’s work this summer to protect marriage supporters. But to be successful on any one of these undertakings, let alone our full agenda, we need the strong support of every NOM supporter. Will you be with us?

Our team is already hard at work doing the heavy lifting that is required to be successful. We’re preparing additional educational videos and informational pieces, getting ready to launch more petitions to engage Americans, putting the final touches on new policy positions that allied groups can endorse and help us present to Congress and the Trump administration, and conducting rigorous legal research on how and why the constitution protects the rights of people of faith to decline to be involved in something that violates their deeply held beliefs.

All that is required now is your financial support so that we have the resources we need to complete the work that is so important and that can make such a difference, not only for those who are facing persecution like Jack Phillips, but for millions of others who are at risk in the future. Please give generously at this important time.

Thank you for all that you are doing to help us restore marriage and protect marriage supporters.


Brian S Brown

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Wherein Cox finally admits, they’re doing ‘work’

So I’ve been having repeated net connectivity issues – mostly now it’s between 10:00PM and Midnight.

So every time it happens, I take the log snippet off my firewall and send it off to the good folks at Cox Communications.

So after sending the latest batch and saying I’m getting tired of this I get the following response. If you’re not familiar FEC is Forward Error Correction. DOCSIS is and I kid you not is Data Over Cable Service Interface Specification.  So in essence they’ve been doing system work which in my book says upgrades, patches etc. during the time period I indicated. It took at least a half dozen phone calls, 20+ emails to get them to admit that. Jesus Christ on a Stick!



We have been performing work lately on the docsis side of the house ECR000000397606.  Not sure at this time if it relates to what you are experiencing as the only thing seen on the modem at this time are some FEC issues.  If you would like to schedule an appointment for a tech to come out for testing please advise, and we can provide you some timeframes we have available.  If you would like to hold off til after this work is done to see if this improves without a tech that is fine as well.  You can contact us in a day or two and ask for the update on that ticket.  Just let us know.

More New Music in the Library

So it’s all been driven by someone posting all this good stuff on Facebook. So I link over to YouTube and then the derivation begins.

For example, it started with:

Adina Howard with Freak Like Me:

BTW – the music in the former – I’ve heard it in many, many songs over time. Going way back.

Which lead to Queen Latifah with U.N.I.T.Y.:

Then off that cam the KLF with 3AM Eternal:

And then Xscape with Just Kickin It:

And finally, Rob Base and DJ EZ Rock with It Takes Two:



How to change society by Robert Sapolsky

Robert Sapolsky is a neuro-scientist. I’ve watched some of his videos on YouTube and it’s fascinating stuff.

The two most fascinating thus far are the one about the Baboon troop in Kenya. He described how when he first visited the troop the alpha males always ate first. He’d left it for a year or two and went back and was shocked by the fact the troop underwent some horrific event. That event was a local dump with food waste. Since the alphas always ate first they were infected with tuberculosis and subsequently died.

The effect on the troop – more peaceful and cooperative members in the troop.

Then he talks about toxoplasmosis – it’s a protozoan parasite that infect mammals. Specifically rats, mice, felids and even homo sapiens. But on the rats he and his group found that rats infected with toxoplasmosis were no longer fearful of the pheromones in cat urine. And the method was that toxoplasmosis produces dopamine and calms the fearful response to cat urine. Thus they get eaten by cats, cats excrete the waste and it’s infected.

One interesting thing he brings up – is a conversation he’d had with a couple of doctors/surgeons. One surgeon mentioned that in organ transplant they tested for toxoplasmosis of motorcycle accident victims. And sure enough many were infected with toxoplasmosis.

But lets bring it back to the alphas – if we could just eliminate alphas from our society or strongly curtailed their power, we’d have an all the more peaceful society.

And leap of logic being what it is, let’s look at the U.S President Donald J. Trump – his behavior is classic for brain defect caused by external actor and he’s an alpha. Think about it, multiple marriages, brash behavior, the whole nine yards.