Trying to buy Bitcoin for new currency purchases with Simplex

So I’ve recently decided to buy a new crypto currency. But to do so you need to purchase bitcoin. This particular site uses Simplex or Simplexcc to do the credit/debit transactions. And even more delicious, the CEO of Simplex is Nimrod Lehavi. Yeah you see the humor there.

The reason Simplex exists is because up until last year when the company formed, you could buy bitcoins with a credit card, then dispute the charge and they couldn’t rescind the bitcoin you’d bought.

Now Simplex requires a high level of verifying information. You must use a PIN sent to you via text message to activate, then your full name, card number, expiration and CCV. Then you upload a photo of you holding the card with the middle eight digits obscured.

So we’ve tried, two different accounts, computers, operating systems, browsers – and the verification step never occurs. So you get an email saying thanks for the transaction and then 30 to 60 minutes later you get the decline email.

And of course the decline email just says it’s declined – not why. But a little deduction goes a long way. It’s because it never asked us to upload the image while holding the card and obscuring the middle eight digits.

Emails to their support essentially equate to RTFM – which if you know me if you start saying that it means I’m reaching out to Nimrod and asking him what the fuck is going on. I’ve follow his ass on LinkedIn. I’m sure he and I will have a nice little chat.

Because I’ve found through experience – embarrassment of a company is somewhat effective, notifying the CEO gets a fire lit under someones ass to fix the problem.

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