On Speed Limits

So let it be known I already find most posted speed limits where I live to be just south of ridiculously low, even into the sublime.

Main thoroughfare near me is posted 25MPH. It moves at about 30-35MPH.

I-95 which is about 1,500 feet from me. Speed on that are interesting. If you’re traveling north on I-95 it has posted limits of 55PMH, 50MPH and 45MPH. Speeds start at around 60MPH and up from there.

But the southern stretch of I-95 between Providence and Coventry  – the right lane is for the speed limit, the left lane is for ludicrous speed. I’ve clocked 90MPH on that baby. But posted goes from 55MPH to 65MPH.

The issue with it is that I remember when I was very young I recall seeing the 70MPH speed limit signs on I-95 in RI. Of course the gas crunch and safety nazis are what moved us to 55MPH nationally. It needs to stop. Cars now are MUCH safer and capable. These aren’t our fathers cars anymore. They’ve got traction control, and all sorts of gizmos to make it safer.

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