At last we now own Ripple (XRP) currency

It took well over a month  – because at first I did a dumb thing and tried to use a Business credit card – my business with my name on the card too. Apparently the processor they use Simplex doesn’t like that. But it did the verification step and allowed me to upload an image of me holding the card.

I went round and round with the Simplex support people but as is the case with all front line support, it’ takes extraordinary measure to get them to see your point and escalate the ticket. It took me recording me trying to make a payment and it completely skipping verification and sending them the video.

I note something else – they now require a VIDEO of you holding the card and obscuring the central eight digits. So I recorded a new video. Now let me be clear, when it gets to this point I am one sardonic bastard. In the email exchanges I was getting ever more that way to the point of calling out their CEO’s first name as a common insult here in the U.S.

So imagine my surprise yesterday when I go the email from Simplex to verify and then got confirmation it was successful. And I plan on banding a whole bunch of money into it because at last I got the court order in the case of my father’s estate. My favorite part of the judgement is under Asset, Share or Amount  the first field line indicates 100% Assets. So it allows me to do a few things – namely pay cash for new car whilst leaving a significant sum for playing in currencies and such.

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