The Sourdough Experiment Part II

So I decided to try a sourdough starter. The science behind it is quite fascinating a brief synopsis: In the first couple of days the good bacteria is establishing it’s dominance over the bad bacteria in the mix. And the mix is quite simple, flour and water.

I started it on Friday – and by today when instructions say to remove half the mass and replace with 70g of flour, and equivalent amount of water. It was all puffed up very nicely. I’ll do this for a few more days and then bake a loaf  of sourdough bread.

The photo below is day 3, just after removing the half and re-adding 70g of flour and water. This is the end result.


One thought on “The Sourdough Experiment Part II

  1. The top photo looks likes like a Dead Sea Salt mask I put on my face every Sunday night. The fact that you have turned this into bread is one of the seventh wonders of the world.

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