Can you find me?

Here’s a picture from this past Thursday nights Providence Democratic Socialist meeting.



I’m off to the right in the light blue shirt that says “Wanted Dead & Alive – Schrodinger’s Cat.” with an image of a live and dead cat in a cube. They caught me laughing about something.

You’ll note the group is overwhelmingly white. That one concerns me greatly. Ages ranged from very young to fairly old. All in all about 50 people showed up. Interesting shot of the back of the facilitators head too.

During one of the proposed campaigns it was mentioned they’d have lobby days at the State House. I explained that I think politics, particularly in Rhode Island is a contact sport. I see my state Representative and Senator quite often and my city councilor too. I know the Secretary of State in RI, and I’m still remembered at the Attorney General’s office too.

So I’ve offered to teach a short session on how to:
a) Find your voter record

b) Find your elected representatives

c) How to contact said representatives via email.

Should take maybe 20 minutes in total. Just need a net connection, a projector and a place to present. We’ll work it out.

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