34 things atheists hear – and my responses

My answers in bold

  1. The only reason you don’t believe is because you don’t want to be obedient.

    I don’t give a rats ass – that’s why I don’t believe. 

  2. Evolution is just a theory!

    First of all whoever says things like this don’t understand evolution. It’s not a linear process but a branching process. Sort of like how there are chimpanzees and bonobos. Look it up dipshit. 

  3. Science changes its story all the time, but the Bible never changes because it’s the truth!

    Because science updates it’s information on a constant basis as discoveries and new data are observed. You’re a dumb shit had to have said this.

  4. The watchmaker analogy.

    This one irks me – it comes down to a lack of understanding of evolution. Those asking this question focus on the eye – and Richard Dawkins does a very good explanation of how vision evolved with props and everything. 

  5. You believe deep down, but you’re not willing to admit it because God would punish you for being a sinner.

    Deep down inside I don’t believe in a sky fairy. I also look at he fact of all the gods we’ve kicked to the curb and ask the question, why is this particular god so important? 

  6. It’s dangerous to be a Christian these days because we are being persecuted in this secular society.

    If Christians really think they’re being persecuted, I can both assure them that they’re not and also provide them with the means for persecution that was perpetrated by emperors, religious leaders, etc. 

  7. If not the Bible, where do you get your morals from?

    Simple empathy gets you pretty far. You know, you wouldn’t want that done to you. So why do it to someone else? 

  8. Evolutionists took Intelligent Design out of public schools, because they’re afraid of it because it’s true.

    No they didn’t take it out of school due to fear but  because it’s bunk, junk science, whatever you’d like. Come on humans and dinosaurs co-existed? We’d be lunch if that were the case. 

  9. It takes just as much faith to be an atheist!

    Um, no it doesn’t. Faith is believe without evidence. I require evidence for extraordinary claims. That’s a big difference. 

  10. Atheism is dangerous because it claims that man is his own god.

    And what is so wrong with that? And I’m not a god, but I’m a demon. 

  11. When God does things that don’t make sense, just trust him and have faith.

    Sorry bob, can’t do that. If things don’t make sense you can do something like read a fucking book and learn. 

  12. I’ve experienced God personally, so he’s real.

    That’s nice that you’ve had a mental breakdown. 

  13. So do you think you’re smarter than everyone else?

    I’d say smarter than a large chunk of the U.S. population. But I know there are smarter. But here’s the secret  – smart as we can be we have our blind spots. 

  14. This is a Christian country.

    And you say this why? The founding fathers experience church control and they didn’t like it. And we’re not so much a Christian country as we are a country of the gun. Imaging saying “Holy Gun, deliver us from evil.” See, it works. And the founding fathers were deists – every hear of the Jefferson Bible? Yeah. 

  15. Why don’t you believe? Is it because something bad happened to you?

    I don’t believe because I was taught critical thinking skills. Of course they tried to tell me you couldn’t apply it to religion but seriously – you expect me not to do that? So contrary to your assertion, nothing bad happened to caused me to lose belief.

  16. Just wait until you’re dead!

    And you rot in the ground. Won’t you be sorry then. Because there’s not heaven or hell. 

  17. Just read the Bible.

    Oh I did read the Bible. All of it. It made me a better Atheist. Because if you just focus on a few things like Matthew, Mark, Luke and John and you see that all four have completely different accounts of the resurrection. Or you look at Genesis where Cain goes east to the land of Nod. Who were those people in Nod? 

  18. I’m praying for you.

    Keep you smarmy prayers to yourself. 

  19. Hitler and Stalin were atheists.

    Hitler was a Christian and Stalin was an ally to the U.S. 

  20. There’s no proof that God doesn’t exist.

    There’s PLENTY of proof – for example discounting Josephus there is no historical mention of the Christ. None. And if there is one thing you learn about the Roman culture – they were record keepers. 

  21. Why do you hate God?

    I cannot hate something that doesn’t exist. 

  22. We all have a God-shaped hole in our hearts.

    We have lots of holes in our hearts with valves to control the flow of blood. What is this shape of god by the way? The circle, the oval what?

  23. Without religion, society would fall to chaos.

    Not true – empathy works too and it doesn’t require belief in a sky fairy or god. 

  24. Without God, there is no meaning.

    If you can’t find meaning in your life without having to believe in a sky fairy I feel really sorry for you. 

  25. Even though you don’t believe in God, he still believes in you.

    How presumptuous of you to think that a god believes in me. 

  26. You can’t look at the beautiful sky and tell me no one created that.

    Oh I know what created that – it’s called physics – look it up. 

  27. You’re going to hell!

    Here is an interesting one. You know the Old Testament or Pentateuch  – there is no definition of hell in those texts. Judaism doesn’t recognize a hell. 

  28. We don’t see wind either but we know it’s there.

    You can see the effect of wind, you cannot see the effects of a non existent deity. And extension of this argument is that you can’t see electricity  – I beg to differ. Ever see a jacobs ladder? 

  29. If evolution is real then why are there still monkeys?

    Because again, evolution is a BRANCHING process, not linear. So other species will still exist. 

  30. What if you’re wrong?

    What if I’m right – there’s no heaven, no hell. Now the quantum world – that’s a possible but not probable account. 

  31. You’re saying all this happened by chance?

    Pretty much. The big band, fusion of hydrogen, all based on gravity. 

  32. So do you even believe in anything?

    Not really. Evidence is pretty addictive. 

  33. There are no atheists in foxholes.

    Horse shit. There are a fair number of atheists in foxholes.

  34. You’re taking it out of context!

    Actually I’m taking it completely within the context provided. It isn’t pretty. 

One thought on “34 things atheists hear – and my responses

  1. “Of course they tried to tell me you couldn’t apply it to religion but seriously – you expect me not to do that?”

    Religion of all places is where the most thought ought to be required… Who told you this?

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