Ask an Atheist: Aka Dumb Shit Question time

Got this from Journeying Atheist. 

1. If creationists can’t do science, then why do Kent Hovind and Duane T. Gish, who are creation scientists, have professional degrees in science? One has to ask, where did those degrees come from, if they came from Liberty or it’s ilk I’d say those degrees are highly suspect. 

2. If dinosaurs turned into birds, why are we not afraid of them? If you’ve ever seen a  hawk up close you’d definitely be afraid. That said, the lack of understanding of evolution is astounding. 

3. If homosexuality is right, then how come two people of the same sex not produce a child? Give it time, pretty soon they’ll be able to do it. Though who will carry the child remains a question. 

4. What purpose do we have if evolution is real? Apples to oranges comparison here. My purpose is to annoy theists. 

5. You say Jesus never existed, but have you heard of the Shroud of Turin? The shroud has been debunked several times over. 

6. Why do we not see humans being born in the zoos from monkeys if we came from monkeys? Didn’t we answer this already – evolution is a branching process. And monkeys and humans did at one point in time a very long time ago have a common ancestor. Sort of like Chimpanzees and Bonobos and Humans – we had a common ancestor a not so long time ago. 

7. Why do we go to church if God is not real? I think a more accurate question is why go to church at all, just read the source documentation. 

8. How did the Grand Canyon form?  A lot of water over a very long time carved that baby out. 

9. Do you know that Jesus loves you? No I don’t know that Jesus loves me. Unless of course he’s a cute Latino guy. 

10. If Christianity is false, then why is it popular? Constantine – that mutt.  

11. If you say Christianity is not true, then why do hundreds of people continue to become saved every day?  People will grasp when they think life is unfair etc. Which is true, life isn’t fair. 

12. Why do we not see half trees and half carrots, fronkeys, and crocoducks if evolution is real? Oh wow – this one is right out there. Here’s a hint, evolution is a BRANCHING process. It’s not linear. 

13. Why is Richard Dawkins afraid to debate Ray Comfort? Perhaps he doesn’t want to suffer a massive headache if he had to deal with the level of stupid presented by Ray Comfort? 

14. Did you know Christopher Hitchens was saved before death? Yes this one has been debunked too. 

15. Are you aware Ray Comfort disproved atheism with a banana? I saw the video and it made me laugh. I’d love to see his take on seedless grapes. 

16. Why do people laugh at evolutionists? Never seen this happen, conversely I have seen people laugh at creationists. 

17. How did the planets form when the Big Bang explosion all of a sudden happen? After all, you don’t see round objects form when something blows up. Well massive expansion and then gravity compressing huge clouds of gases like hydrogen, until such time they start fusing that hydrogen to helium and so on. And the mass around said stars, it pulls together by gravity and you get rocky planets, gas planets, etc. Perhaps you should read a book on cosmology sometime. 

18. If evolution is real, how can it explain gravity, angular momentum, human emotions, and why we worship God?  Wow the nonsensical comparison here is astounding. I mean gravity and angular momentum are related, but what the hell does it have to do with human emotion? 

19. How did pond scum make living things appear out of nowhere? Consider if you will the humans are made up of CHNSO  – Carbon, Hydrogen, Nitrogen, Sulfur and Oxygen. The stuff spewed out from ancient stars. 

20. How can evolution be true if we don’t see pocket watches or airplanes form by themselves? Someone has a hard time understanding that the process of evolution selects for maximum survival, whereas pocket watches and airplanes are designed and engineered by the human mind. 

21. Did you know that dinosaurs and man lived together? If this were the case I assume quite a few humans would be dinosaur food. 

22. If evolution is real, then why do caring people like Rick Santorum argue that it must be challenged in the classroom? By challenged they mean they want to dispute it. 

23. Why are youtube atheists like AronRa and Thunderf00t afraid to debate Ray Comfort? Because the brain hurt they’d suffer at having to tolerate Ray Comfort is just too much to even contemplate. 

24. Why do we celebrate Christmas if Christianity is not real? If you consider that most of the symbology of the Christmas celebration are pagan in origin you get the idea. 

25. If creationists can’t do science, then why does the website Answersingenesis have proven science articles from creationists that do science? See answer one but as far as AIG there’s a great YouTube channel that debunks most of AIG.  I left this one because I cannot do it justice any better than the orginal. 

26. If evolution is true, then why can’t white people compete to be good in basketball like black people? After all, white people can’t jump! Whoa, this one just blows my mind. 

27. Where do you decide to fit God in your everyday life if you don’t believe in him? I don’t fit God anywhere. Don’t need to do so. 

28. Why is Christianity the fastest growing religion if it’s false? Yeah Christianity is declining in membership. Islam is gaining. But they’re both false religions. 

29. Do you feel free to commit murders, homosexuality, go to strip bars, steal, commit adultery, and do other sins since you believe there is no God?  I’m gay, been to strip bars, even did a live radio broadcast from one. So go fuck yourself with this stupid question. 

30. Why do the fossils say no to evolution? Really?? If anything they bolster evolution. 

31. Why did Darwin admit that how the eye formed is impossible? Because Darwin didn’t understand things at a microscopic level. 

32. Where did everything come from if there is no God? Well, E=mc^2 says energy comes from mass, but did you know that mass can be created by energy? Bet you didn’t see that coming. 

33. If there is no God, then why do we have laws that govern us, such as speed limits? Mainly because as a society we agreed to be governed. 

34. Do you know where you are going when you die? To a crematorium then ashes sprinkled in a little town in Italy. 

35. Why do we not act like monkeys if it is true we came from monkeys? Ever observe monkeys, or chimps and bonobos? Lots of common behaviors. 

36. Why do we display The Ten Commandments in the courtrooms if you say the Bible is not real? The display of such is a violation of the 1st Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. 

37. Why should be it wrong to rape if God is not real? The concept of mutual consent comes into play. 

38. Why is The Passion of The Christ very high on the Box Office? It was snuff porn true and true. And it’s box office return wasn’t THAT spectacular. 

39. How can America not be a Christian nation if there are way more churches than mosques? Well you could be from my home state, where the first baptist church,  synagogue etc. were established. 

40. How is the bible not real if it’s the most popular book read by man? If you actually read your Bible you come to understand that it’s based on only so much woo  and nothing more. 

41. How did the moon form? Current theory states a rogue object crashed into earth and the rest of the work was done by gravity. 

42. Did you know that famous scientists like Newton, Sir Richard Owen, Einstein, Galileo, and Copernicus were creationists? I have a strong suspicion that this question was pulled out of someones nether regions. 

43. Why do we not see black people come from white people? Well it’s called genetics. For example, some white people could have some black ancestry they didn’t know of, or vice versa. 

44. Why are fruitflies still fruitflies in the lab experiments if they are claimed to prove evolution? We did this experiment in high school. It focused on the eye color. 

45. Did you know that the Piltdown Man was a hoax used for Darwinist propaganda? Yes indeed. 

46. Why do we not see frogs turn into birds? Let see it’s a BRANCHING process and not a linear process. 

47. Why is Fox News dishonest if it is a network run by truthful Christians? This one is rich – truthful Christians? They exist? 

48. Why did Hitler fail to make a superior race if evolution is true? Hey did you know Hitler was a Christian? 

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