Re-use of ingredients

So after making the Quiche Lorraine I find myself with leftover leeks, thyme and Gruyere cheese. So I think tomorrow I’ll do omelets, or maybe we’ll finish the quiche.

Now I also have some bacon left – I suppose I could sweat that down for the omelet too. The combination of leeks, bacon and thyme is in so many words heavenly. The whole house smelled fantastic when I did that combo for the Quiche Lorraine. And interesting, another dish I make with leeks is Chicken with mushroom and leek fricassee. That one has tarragon too and the smell is phenomenal.

But nothing beats pork chops with sour cream and dill. I recall I made this one Halloween a few years back. One kid came to the door and he could smell the dish from my front door – he got a little extra candy, and the good stuff not the crap candy.

I’m surprised my neighbors don’t mention anything.

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