Thoughts on Ritual: Coffee

So when I make coffee there’s a bit of a ritual involved. First it’s washing last nights dishes. I know, I could wash them right after dinner but where is the fun in that.

Then take the French Press and the coffee mugs out of the cabinet. Set a towel or more accurately paper towel down. Press the  button on the coffee grinder and it shoots a 2oz. dose of grounds specifically for French Press. Dust off the cover of the container into the bin with the rest of the coffee then into the French Press.

Then I start the water to 200F – I timed it a few times. Seven minutes and thirty seconds gets me so close to 200F. Then watch the temperature – at 199F I pull it off heat as carryover will bring it to 201F.

Then I bring the kettle over to the French press and pour in just enough hot water and then take a spoon and gently agitate it. The foam that gets created I really want to skim that and taste it, I bet it’s delicious as it’s coffee oil foam.

Then fill the French Press, insert the filtration plunger and set the timer for three minutes. While I’m waiting I’ll put a bit of sugar in each mug. And if creamer is being used I’ll give that a vigorous shake.

At the end of three minutes I pour in a little coffee to melt the sugar and then fill it near to the top, leaving head-space for creamer – damned H.P. Hood creamers are awesome, if slightly sugar filled.

Now every 4 or 5 days I roast a new batch of green beans. I’ve found with New Guinean beans it takes about 35 minutes, but Costa Rican take about 20-25 minutes. And I do like the Costa Rican beans.


6 thoughts on “Thoughts on Ritual: Coffee

    1. And I’m roasting 8oz of Costa Rican Dota Estate beans right now. I love that coffee. Next I’ll have to roast the Brazilian beans – those promise to be good too. And I need to order some Robusto too.

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