WBNA House Tour 2017

So we signed up for the WBNA house tour. For the uninformed, whilst WBNA might sounds like an East of the Mississippi radio station call sign, it actually stands for West Broadway Neighborhood Association – WBNA.

The second home we went to required shoe removal and bootie wearing. Nope.

Now one house we saw – the outside has Asian accents though someone doesn’t think so. But inside it’s all Mediterranean. There’s a story as the home is the upper two stories to JKL Engineering on 945 Westminster St. in Providence. It’s owned by Tony Freitas, Beth Mesley and JKL Engineering. Now the story is interesting as Tony Freitas worked with Agent W. Dennis Aiken that ultimately resulted in the conviction of Mayor Vincent A. “Buddy” Cianci and many members of his administration.

The house is the upper three floors and it’s in two words fucking gorgeous. Even Keyron mentioned it’s all beige but with enough trim and accents to accentuate it. I told Keyron that I liked the big open stairway  -that was nice. And plenty of bathrooms, etc. In fact one other thing I noticed were a bunch of recessed buttons labeled “Police”. And the phone in every bathroom. Then I remembered it was built before smartphones were ubiquitous.

We also toured an apartment at Grants Mills. All I can say is it’s industrial bland. Seriously. And for $1,500 to $1,900 a month no thank you. That phased of my life is over.

Another property we visited was 247-249 Carpenter St. The owner Scott Lapham had an exhibit on his dining room table of guns cast in glass and crayon/wax. Quite the statement on the current gun discussion. He was saying he teaches and some of his students didn’t even make it to 20 years old. That is sad. So we talked about common sense gun laws and some of my proposals – especially the liability insurance thing – you need it for a car, why not for a gun?

Then there’s 20 Brighton St. – very well decked out I might add.

We did visit 197 Carpenter street – that one is a Work in Progress – it’s all down to rafters and studs. Be interesting to see it once it’s all buttoned up and completed.

Then there’s 180 Carpenter St. – built in 1850 so at writing it’s 167 years old.

Many of the places were very small  – we kind of like big rooms. A big kitchen is one of my particulars.

  1. We started out at 10AM and we were home at 12:30PM. So 2.5 hours of strolling around, looking for the WBNA signs and the balloons.



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