Car Review: 2017 Subaru Crosstrek

So got to drive a new Subaru Crosstrek this evening. I will say it’s much more refined than the Impreza I’ve driven recently.

For example, the Impreza is a bit sloppy at 80MPH and higher. The Crosstrek on the other hand I had that baby up to 100MPH and she was stable as all can be.

In addition I note the engine on the Crosstrek revs a lot less than that in the Impreza. Very smooth.

And it carries the tradition of three glass panels, one in cluster, center of dash and the big one on the infotainment system. The interface for Bluetooth is more refined too.

If my heart weren’t set on a VW Golf TSi I’d strongly consider the Subaru – they’re pretty reliable vehicles too.

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