Sunday Dinner

So for this Sunday’s dinner I prepared the following:

Salmon filets, seasoned on both sides with salt, pepper and lemon zest. Into a pan with Kerry Gold Herbed Butter and some avocado oil. The trick is to watch the color change – once the fish goes from deep orange to lighter orange – it’s cooked. You can actually see the line that divides cooked from uncooked. Hell, I like salmon either way. But got them up to a nice temp.

Also did some asparagus – instead of using the broiler I did it in a non-stick pan. Got some olive oil to temperature, sliced up the garlic, peppers and in they went to saute for a bit. Then the trimmed asparagus went in. Tossed until the asparagus was tender.

And then the starch – the purple sweet potatoes. Sprayed with butter spray and then salt and pepper on the outside. They take 1-2 hours at 350F and they’re wrapped in aluminum foil. I gotta say it, creamy texture, and not as cloyingly sweet as standard sweet potatoes.

Noticed the purple sweet potatoes  at Trader Joe’s when we did the weekly grocery run. What was interesting is that truly purple potatoes are usually available locally in the spring.

That grocery run is 30 miles as the crow flies, first out to Market Basket in South Attleboro, MA and then down to Coventry, RI to hit BJ’s Club, then back on I-95 to hit Trader Joe’s in Warwick. I gotta say it, two favorite stores are Market Basket and Trader Joe’s. The people who work at both are great. And they know us. For example, at the Market Basket every week we get a case of Essentia water – the one that states it’s 9.5pH but which I’ve tested at the same as tap water at 7pH. Anyhow one of the girls there runs up to us and hands us $6 worth of coupons for the water. Cool! And Keyron and I  – we can make a cashier crack the hell up. We’re both witty people.

We also hit Whole Foods on North Main St. in Providence. I can see where some prices have in fact gone down, but not on what we wanted. Well we went for Goat Milk – and I have to admit it doesn’t taste bad. Nutritionally it appears to be the same as cows milk, and at $4.99 for a quart it isn’t cheap.

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