On Languages

So on Duolingo I’m studying two languages. What can I say, I want to get to the point where I’m one of those five language people. So right now I’m about 35% into the Spanish lessons, and just begun Italian. Now this is colored by me having taken Spanish in high school and growing up Italian-American so I heard a lot of the more colorful Italian spoken. To the point where I was at a local Italian store and the girl behind the counter called an indecisive woman a pain in the ass in Italian. I started laughing when I heard it. Because it flash translated for me.

But one thing I note – Italian seems to curve more towards Latin than Spanish does. But as I’ve said before Spanish has a Latin root – but Italian is just updated Latin whereas Spanish got influenced by Arabic and a few other languages.

Once I get some proficiency with those I’d like to study Portuguese. Now that would bring me to four languages but then there’s French. Now French – I can pick up a lot of what’s said there too. If there’s one thing about all the Latin root languages that’s hard to get – the object-verb stuff changes quite a bit from English. English flattens everything out – we don’t have masculine and feminine objects per se.

4 thoughts on “On Languages

  1. Wow. Good for you. I can barely speak and write English (what passes for English here in Texas), and I’m still working on it. A lady at work offered to teach me Spanish, but when I acted interested, she said it would be at her church. Nope.

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