Wow the scam artist David Avocado Wolfe

His real name of course is David Steven Wolfe. Same artist, con-artist just an all around despicable human being.

I’m listening to a Thinking Atheist podcast about him – Wolfe is a con-artist no doubt – he’s being the Nutri-Bullet blender – he’s also a flat earth believer, something I’ve written of before. Fucker has never heard of spacecraft and space stations I suppose.

Pseudo science – however marijuana does in fact have some benefits. Mainly appetite enhancement, and does prevent some cancers. But he thinks it is a wonder drug.

So in essence Wolfe makes money off of ignorance.

One thought on “Wow the scam artist David Avocado Wolfe

  1. The only place I’ve ever heard of this Wolfe guy is on the Thinking Atheist page (on Facebook). Thankfully. Humanity has enough weird beliefs without people introducing new soothsayers every year. :-(

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