The cheese stands alone

Dear non existent deity! We’ve long been using Kerry Gold Butter in it’s various guises, unsalted, salted and garlic herb. All of it awesome – it’s like the butter we’ve been getting in the past pales in experience of flavor.

The butter in particular – we brought some to a friends house and she thought it was cheese – yeah that tasty. Damnation who knew Irish butter was so good.

So not long ago we were at BJ’s club in Coventry, RI – and yes I know there’s one in Johnston, RI and in South Attleboro, MA that are closer. But in any case someone spotted Kerry Gold product in the refrigerated case. We looked and it’s their Reserve Cheddar.

For a cheddar it’s marvelous. You know how a lot of cheddar cheese has a grainy texture – not so the Kerry Gold – it’s creamy as all hell. And it’s got a nice sharpness but a sweet finish that’s really tasty.

And I hear tell Kerry Gold makes an Irish Cream liquor – we definitely want to try that too because if the Irish can do butter like this, imagine the booze. And I know for a fact that there are more drunks in Ireland than any other country so there’s that too.



3 thoughts on “The cheese stands alone

  1. Kerry Gold makes some absolutely wonderful products. I love their butter. Unfortunately because of some strange and downright odd bureaucratic nonsense it’s illegal to sell it in Wisconsin. Apparently Wisconsin requires butter to go through some entirely arbitrary “quality” testing by some panel of so-called experts to judge it on taste, flavor, color and texture, before it can be sold in the state, even though the product meets all other safety and quality standards. Since this costs money and extra paperwork, small companies and even some large ones like Kerry have decided it’s not worth the cost and effort to do it. Some people are suing the state over the law and there is a good chance it will be overturned, but until then, no Kerry butter.

    The situation is just silly, really. The state legislature could fix it, but won’t for reasons it hasn’t really explained. The common belief is that the politicians have been bought off by big butter manufacturers like Grassland

    1. Wow – that’s screwed up. I wonder how close you are to another state where’s it’s legal. If you’d like to pay for the product I could ship some to you.

      1. I appreciate the offer but I’ve been getting butter from a local source that’s almost as good. It’s a very screwed up situation indeed. Alas it isn’t just butter. Someone, no one knows who, tried to slip something into the state budget bill that would have, if what I read is correct, make it illegal for small craft breweries to sell their own beer themselves. They would only have been able to sell it through one of the wholesale liquor distributors in the state. Which is pretty much impossible because the wholesale distributors only want to carry product that sells in high volume. And it would have immediately shut down every brewpub in the state. When that was discovered it set off a firestorm of protest (hey, it’s Wisconsin, we like our beer ) The interesting thing is that now no one knows where that provision came from. Every state legislator denies trying to slip it in there

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