Another Series I’m digging

So it came out a while ago but it’s from BBC America and it’s called Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency.

Now it’s funny  – it’s the third to last book that Douglas Adams ever wrote. And I’m now into Episode 3 on Hulu. It’s weird – tried to watch it on BBC America but because I don’t have a cable TV subscription I couldn’t. But good thing come to those who wait – indeed I finished watching Future Man and the next epsiode to pop up on Hulu was the above.

I see elements too of DGHDA (Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency) plus The Long Dark Tea Time of the Soul where the gods are in fact walking the earth.

So if you have a hulu account – go watch. It’s uproariously funny.


One thought on “Another Series I’m digging

  1. I remember enjoying the Dirk Gently books when I read them — I think it was 20 years ago or so. I think it would be weird to see them on screen. (I’m one of those who enjoyed the Hitchhiker books but did NOT like seeing Hitchhiker on screen.) Perhaps it’s just a personal taste thing.

    I also don’t have Hulu — only recently got Netflix streaming.

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