Happy 2017 Thanksgiving

Yet another year has gone by. I’m doing well – my investments are appreciating, I’m in line for another military-industrial I.T. job, and all is well.

However this is the season of ambivalent emotion. Ambivalent because I know of the slaughter of 20 million or more of the native inhabitants of this continent. And that what we celebrate as Thanksgiving is just the federally mandated holiday.

And I keep seeing everyone online saying spend the day with your family. I don’t have much family left. Grandparents are gone, parents are gone. I’m it and I don’t have any kids so there’s that.

4 thoughts on “Happy 2017 Thanksgiving

  1. It’s not my favorite holiday, by far. But I like being alone and here I am in the comfort of my apartment, binge-watching Jessica Jones on Netflix.

    (My other choice was enduring another attempt by my Jesus-crazed mother to “win my soul for the Lord”.)

    1. Oh cool – I gotta watch that series. I also binged Agent Carter too – apparently they’re taking the whole Marvel comic book universe and making some kick ass series out of them.

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