Preparing turkey for sous vide

The above photos are the turkey preparation photos. First I seasoned with the salt, pepper and sugar mixture. Then seared skin side down to put what I consider a light sear on everything. Then I put them into the sous vide bags – and added rosemary, sage and thyme and a small pat or two of butter as is evident. Unsalted butter and Kerry Gold my favorite. The legs and wings are in at 158F – I’ll let that go for about 12 hours and then drop the temp down to 135F and but the seared breasts in. Right now they’re chilling out in the fridge.

Now the carcass and giblets – first I sauteed some onion, carrot and celery then in went the neck and cut up giblets. Then the carcass and enough water to cover. The stock is in two words fucking awesome. It’s funny the gravy I make from this will be for the turkey and stuffing. No mashed potatoes this year. Just the turkey, stuffing, home made cranberry sauce and some steamed and sauteed broccoli along with butternut squash.

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