Ruminations on Driving Part 7E10

So as you know, I’m an assertive driver. It’s how I learned to drive – my first driving lesson I was taken out on the highway and told “Stomp on the gas”. Ever since that’s the way I believe a car should be driven.

What irks me though is brought on by me keeping right. I try to keep right because the distances are fairly short and even at 50MPH you get there. So what irks me – you’re in the right lane and people are entering. The way I learned it, you don’t have to slow down they have to get up to speed.

But alas some of the time you end up doing 60MPH and some nitwit jumps out doing 35MPH. If there’s one thing I have a strong dislike for it’s timid drivers. Your car is perfectly capable of going past 3,000 RPM so stomp on that pedal. Just stomp – most cars no use fuel injection – so it’s pretty easy to get fuel to the cylinders. Plus cars now have enough safety features built in, things like air bags, mandatory seat belt usage, crush zones, anti-lock brakes, and even blind spot monitoring. Cars now are safer than they’ve ever been. So why haven’t our speed limits kept pace? I’ll tell you why – it’s because speed enforcement revenue is important.

And I take that thing about getting to speed seriously – sometimes of course you can’t like getting on I-95 Northbound from where I live. It’s the area where everything dumps into I-95 prime among them RI Route 10 and RI Route 6 plus the mall and downtown connectors. So you’re lucky to be doing 25MPH. But just jump one lane left and you can stomp on the gas and get to 55MPH.

And coming south to get home from the supermarket today. Saw three RI State Police vehicles, one unmarked, one SUV and one cruiser flying down the left lane of RI-146 lights on. Fortunately they immediate jumped into the far left lane of I-95 and sped off.

3 thoughts on “Ruminations on Driving Part 7E10

      1. Boston. Just close your eyes and drive. Just watch out for the ‘no left turn left-turning traffic that will assert itself right over your bumper, if necessary. Assertive ain’t even close.

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