Windows 10 and it’s thrice a month updates

I’ve gotten really sick and tired of Windows 10 and it’s stupid update schema. I suppose I wouldn’t mind so much if my machine wasn’t unusable for ten minutes.

For example first you get this non-helpful screen that admonishes you not to power off your computer. I can tell you from experience you can shut your computer down – it just backs off any changes that were made and boots as it last did.  But here’s the non-helpful screen:20171128_141326

Getting Windows ready? Really that’s all you could come up with? Microsoft sucks.

And then there’s the thing, it’ll get to 30% and then force a reboot.
Then after the reboot it continues on through the install counting up to 100% and then you’re presented with login. It really annoys the piss out of me as this happens, at least lately three times a month. Three. Get your fucking act togethe Microsoft!

3 thoughts on “Windows 10 and it’s thrice a month updates

  1. MS has been getting worse and worse. It suckered my wife into upgrading her elderly computer to Win10 when it decided that hitting the “X” box in the upper right corner of the “Upgrade now” window that should have closed the window meant that the user wanted to upgrade instead of simply closing the window. Sigh… Took over an hour to restore her machine from backups. These updates are almost as bad, bogging down the computer and my internet connection as it silently downloads in the background without telling me… MS has basically decided that it owns our computers and that it’s going to take complete control of them.

  2. Mine quit updating altogether. I mean it would TRY — and waste a bunch of time — but then it would say the updated “failed” and restore itself to a previous version. It was doing this WEEKLY. I found a registry hack (if you’re willing to try it) that tricks Windows into thinking you’re on a “metered connection” and then it won’t try to update any more. It was a huge relief.

    (I know, I’m putting the PC at risk, yada yada, but it was either that or go to Ubuntu, LOL.)

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