Feeding Habits of Felix Domesticus

So I’ve been ordering Angie the cat’s food on Amazon for about a year. It’s allowed me to figure out how much she eats per day.

It’s fascinating, she goes through about 1.8-2.0 oz. of cat food per day. That’s something I like about Amazon, it keeps a history of your orders – and I’ve got 15 years of history on Amazon – so it allows me to track purchase history and I can do the math to arrive at the range above.

This fascinates me – I don’t know though about Amazon having an entire history. I mean I’ve bought some things on there that could be viewed as subversive – but then that’s me in a nutshell. The definition of subversive “seeking or intended to subvert an established system or institution.” Yup that’s me.

It’s funny when you think about it how much the likes of Amazon, Google have so much data on us.

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