A new topic to explore

Well, not so much explore as I have experience with set theory, and logic. But topology has always interested me and watching the video below spawned me to advance my mathematical knowledge a bit more.

So I ordered the Kindle version of the book titled “Elementary Point-Set Topology: A Transition to Advanced Mathematics” by Andre Yandl and Adam Bowers.

It’s going to be a fun read I can tell you that – and it also gets delivered to the Fire Tablet of either one of my nieces or my nephew. It’ll be good for them to read this too.

It occurs to me – had they gone further like this when I was in school I probably would have gone down the mathematics road. I always wanted to know WHY certain proofs were axiomatic, now of course I’m finding out exactly why.

And right now I’m about 20 pages into it and I’m realizing I know this already – the truth tables are pretty prevalent in the I.T. world. And concepts like AND, OR, NOT are too.

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