Living Room Furniture

When it comes to the living room seating area is primary. And for that I’ve always been a fan of leather. You see, cats like to scratch everywhere. Leather can take it better than cloth or material can. I do have to get some cleaner and conditioner for the leather though – but that’s applied every few months.

It’s funny someone I worked with long ago said leather gets cold. I don’t think it does. Plus just sit in it for a minute or two and body heat is enough to make it comfy. And in the summer yes it can be sticky but a judiciously place fan and air conditioner handle that just fine.

3 thoughts on “Living Room Furniture

  1. We bought leather furniture because of the dogs. Jeffrey likes the leather, me not so much, as I prefer naked lounging which leather isn’t best suited for. However the inconvenience of placing a blanket or towel is worth being able to simply sweep off the collected shed dog hairs.

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