Merry Christmas 2017

Even though I’m an atheist the tradition is still there. Spent a good chunk of today at my cousin’s place out in Chepachet, RI. The woods are oh so lovely, dark and deep out there. And the road names are descriptive, for example Snake Hill, Chestnut Hill and the like.

It’s interesting getting there the roads were a bit slippery as we had some snow today. Hopefully it’ll be gone soon. The car was my least favorite the 2016 Ford Focus – my biggest gripe about the car is the transaxle – the gears are imprecise.

The trip out, had to use the navigation on my phone. I can never remember how to get there for some reason. It’s an area of the state I don’t visit often.

But coming back, we got to RI-101 then RI-6 – I told someone that we could have just taken that back as 6 dumps right into Olneyville. Or get on the highway and there’s a Broadway exit right there, so down Broadway to Andrews and then Grove and finally Knight where we live.

It was a good time, my aunt, her husband, my uncle Richard, and then my cousin’s kids Richard and Anthony were there. Even my cousin Rhonda showed up. And my cousin Richard – his ex-wife Sharon came too.


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