One thing about snow

So going to my cousins place in Chepachet, RI was interesting. You see we took a wrong turn because the GPS was a little unclear on it’s directions.

So I figured I’d pull into a driveway and do a three point turn and get myself turned around. Except we get over the lip of the driveway and I throw the car in reverse and the traction control of course rev limits the engine. That’s got to be one of the stupidest things modern cars implement. There should be an easily identifiable switch to turn that ‘feature’ the hell off.

But then I remembered, when trying to get past a snow bank blocking you reversing try to get a running start. So I pulled further into the driveway and just nailed the gas – sure enough shot right out of the driveway. So I still remember how to get out of a situation when your’e stuck in snow.

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