The Evolution of Headphones and Earphoned

So the evolution of audio output devices is sort of fascinating to me. The first ones used the standard 3.5mm connector. Only issue with this is the connector on the device they plug into uses cheap spring tension and so wear out with repeated plugging and unplugging.

This moved us to wireless audio devices. A long time ago we had a pair of 900MHz headphones. They were sufficient for the time. But when batteries are proprietary and they wear out so too those devices get tossed in the trash heap.

So we’ve been using headphones for some time – I still have my Symphonized Magnums –718shzpofjl-_sy450_
But they look a bit weird with a bluetooth dongle hanging off them. So I switched over to Fueladture NB-9’s –


The NB-9’s sound really good and have 45 hours of usage on a charge. Those are it’s good points. It has two failure points, the hinge on which the headphones mount is cheap plastic, and so to the headband. I’ve gone through three pairs of these.

Someone though – for some reason always cracks the headband.

So I’d been searching for in-ear phones. I gave him my pair that I’d had but the audio on them was sub par.

Then I cam across these. They are Photive TWS-01’s and fascinating earphones. There’s no wire between them – they just sync to each other and then via bluetooth.


And that case – it’s the charge for the earphones. Only drawback thus far is make sure you’re fully conscious when you set these up as it involves a slightly tricky process of turning on the left channel. The other thing is they’re so small they need to be kept track of lest you lose a channel as happened last night. But it was found so all is well.

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