Playing with Fritatas

So the other day I made a fritata. In essence take eggs, potatoes, onions, shallots, green onions or whatever you have that would be good with eggs which is pretty much everything.

That one went over well but I made one today using six eggs, instead of only four. Then four slices of Trader Joe’s apple smoked bacon, some finely diced potato, two leek stalks chopped and washed, and some mushrooms. Also added some herbs de Provence. And added some freshly grated parmagiano regiano cheese to the eggs.

The potato, bacon, leeks and mushrooms were pre-cooked. Then the whole thing into a cast iron pan, into a 400F oven for 8 to 13 minutes.

Now let me explain, bacon, leeks and the herbs – it’s fucking heavenly. The whole house was redolent with the smell of those.

Here’s what it looks like on the plate:


That looks awesome – you can see the bits of bacon,t he leeks, and the potato sticking out. Love it!

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