Month: December 2017

Living Room Furniture

When it comes to the living room seating area is primary. And for that I’ve always been a fan of leather. You see, cats like to scratch everywhere. Leather can take it better than cloth or material can. I do have to get some cleaner and conditioner for the leather though – but that’s applied every few months.

It’s funny someone I worked with long ago said leather gets cold. I don’t think it does. Plus just sit in it for a minute or two and body heat is enough to make it comfy. And in the summer yes it can be sticky but a judiciously place fan and air conditioner handle that just fine.

A new topic to explore

Well, not so much explore as I have experience with set theory, and logic. But topology has always interested me and watching the video below spawned me to advance my mathematical knowledge a bit more.

So I ordered the Kindle version of the book titled “Elementary Point-Set Topology: A Transition to Advanced Mathematics” by Andre Yandl and Adam Bowers.

It’s going to be a fun read I can tell you that – and it also gets delivered to the Fire Tablet of either one of my nieces or my nephew. It’ll be good for them to read this too.

It occurs to me – had they gone further like this when I was in school I probably would have gone down the mathematics road. I always wanted to know WHY certain proofs were axiomatic, now of course I’m finding out exactly why.

And right now I’m about 20 pages into it and I’m realizing I know this already – the truth tables are pretty prevalent in the I.T. world. And concepts like AND, OR, NOT are too.

Feeding Habits of Felix Domesticus

So I’ve been ordering Angie the cat’s food on Amazon for about a year. It’s allowed me to figure out how much she eats per day.

It’s fascinating, she goes through about 1.8-2.0 oz. of cat food per day. That’s something I like about Amazon, it keeps a history of your orders – and I’ve got 15 years of history on Amazon – so it allows me to track purchase history and I can do the math to arrive at the range above.

This fascinates me – I don’t know though about Amazon having an entire history. I mean I’ve bought some things on there that could be viewed as subversive – but then that’s me in a nutshell. The definition of subversive “seeking or intended to subvert an established system or institution.” Yup that’s me.

It’s funny when you think about it how much the likes of Amazon, Google have so much data on us.

Holiday Chocolate Bark

Saw this recipe on Food Wishes on YouTube.

Here’s mine – I like a bit more on the walnuts and pistachios


Gotta say, they are tasty. And I went with a 72% Dark Chocolate. When the percentage gets that high you get a more fruity flavor from the chocolate that I really like.

3 days sans Coffee

Because I’d completely spaced on roasting more. That’s the one thing about fresh roast coffee – use it up within a week. But sometimes I get busy on the weekends and don’t have time to roast.

Rectified that this evening, did a batch of 10oz. of the coffee. It’s cooling off right now.

Congrats to Senate elect Doug Jones

Alabama gets it right at last. Doug Jones beat that bigot and molester and disgraced Judge Roy Moore. This is good and I think a harbinger of things to come for the 2018 Elections.

The margin is about 2% – so Alabama is split down the middle Republican/Democrat. Interesting.



Microsoft Fall Creator Update for Windows 10

Ok, so I finally got the Fall Creators update for Windows 10. One dramatic improvement I note is the bluetooth capability. Prior to this update it was a frustratingly feature free implementation. But then I looked and saw this:


Prior to this the other devices didn’t show by name – now they do. Amazing – in essence it’s Microsoft’s admission that Windows 10 was a half baked product prior to this update.

One thing I did turn off was the stupid People app. Made sure that little monster no longer shows up in the taskbar.

And I now have 3D Paint.