Month: December 2017

Holiday Chocolate Bark

Saw this recipe on Food Wishes on YouTube.

Here’s mine – I like a bit more on the walnuts and pistachios


Gotta say, they are tasty. And I went with a 72% Dark Chocolate. When the percentage gets that high you get a more fruity flavor from the chocolate that I really like.

3 days sans Coffee

Because I’d completely spaced on roasting more. That’s the one thing about fresh roast coffee – use it up within a week. But sometimes I get busy on the weekends and don’t have time to roast.

Rectified that this evening, did a batch of 10oz. of the coffee. It’s cooling off right now.

Congrats to Senate elect Doug Jones

Alabama gets it right at last. Doug Jones beat that bigot and molester and disgraced Judge Roy Moore. This is good and I think a harbinger of things to come for the 2018 Elections.

The margin is about 2% – so Alabama is split down the middle Republican/Democrat. Interesting.



Microsoft Fall Creator Update for Windows 10

Ok, so I finally got the Fall Creators update for Windows 10. One dramatic improvement I note is the bluetooth capability. Prior to this update it was a frustratingly feature free implementation. But then I looked and saw this:


Prior to this the other devices didn’t show by name – now they do. Amazing – in essence it’s Microsoft’s admission that Windows 10 was a half baked product prior to this update.

One thing I did turn off was the stupid People app. Made sure that little monster no longer shows up in the taskbar.

And I now have 3D Paint.

So the potential job

Will have me in the Northern VA area for 3 to 5 months, then a few days every six months. They’ll cover the hotels, airfare etc. Nice.

So I had to download the Northern VA Code Plug for my TYT MD-380 DMR radio.

Spent the day in Fairfax, VA today – nice little place but spread out like all hell. And the parking garage at DCA  – ugggh. It’s fucking insane. To get to it you have to go in where it says DO NOT ENTER then down a ramp and there’s the spot where the Zipcars are parked.

And let’s not talk about the fact that DCA shuttle is a fucking bus. In fact coming home my flight was at gate 35X. I now know what the X stands for – it means you’re being bused to your aircraft.  I hope Ronald Reagan is spinning in his grave.

Flying down we were on a Bombardier CRJ900  jet – nice one.


The flight back was an Embrear EMB-145:


And TSA – it’s definitely security theater. For example, if you’re 75 or older you don’t have to remove shoes, belt or jacket. I know I’m full of piss and vinegar enough that when I’m 75 I’d be a terrorist. :) You see my point there don’t you?