2nd Entry of 2018

We spent new years eve with friends. The alcohol was flowing liberally I had four sprite, cranberry juice and vodka tonics, and then a glass of Proseco.

The funny part was I wasn’t drunk. Probably because I interspersed food with said alcohol which has been proven to slow absorption of alcohol.

The Proseco – I had to explain it’s basically champagne but they cannot call it that, only grapes grown in a specific region in France can call it champagne. Proseco is in essence Italian sparkling wine. Good stuff too. And get this price wise when they want $100 or more for a Moet & Chandon – I can get two bottles of Proseco for about a quarter the price.

Oh yeah and a couple shots of Cinnamon Jack Daniels. I’m surprised I wasn’t completely blotto. It was nice being able to drink again, usually I’m driving so I won’t drink. But this time we had a ride from/to home. That was nice.

2 thoughts on “2nd Entry of 2018

    1. Well – I built my tolerance back in 2001 when I worked at the AG’s office. Those people taught me how to down massive amounts of alcohol. Useful skill I suppose.

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