More on The Handmaid’s Tale

So the premise of the Handmaid’s Tale – is that Christian bigots got control, took D.C. and Boston, and a bunch of cities.

Here in southern New England we have our religious bigots – things like Mass Resistance, numerous white supremacists, etc. But here’s what i see – they’re too inept to enact anything like what happened in The Handmaid’s Tale. And their message falls on deaf ears. A few of them have gotten into government – but they are a tiny minority of bigots.

Plus one other little fact about the area between say Boston, MA and Providence, RI – non-believers also known as atheists number a full quarter of the population.

And the premise of the show – handmaids were essentially breeding stock. But I got to Episode 10 and the acts of resistance started. From the girl threatening to jump off the bridge with her baby, to the rest of the handmaids that refused to stone her to death.

And it brought to mind a fact, that absolutist regimes tend not to last forever. We’re seeing this play out in North Korea right now.

One thought on “More on The Handmaid’s Tale

  1. I haven’t read it (or watched it). But I live in Texas, so I know it’s a real possibility here (and already partly a reality). Even people who aren’t particularly religious are perfectly willing to let religionist nutjobs run things. They elect theocrats like Ted Cruz and Dan Patrick (born Dannie Goeb) and cheer on the “bathroom bill” nonsense. But a whole bunch of folks here are *overtly* religious. In the tiny “metroplex” where I live (Killeen, Harker Heights, Nolanville, Ft. Hood), churches outnumber all the following COMBINED: bookstores, libraries, homeless shelters, colleges, and parks. It wouldn’t surprise me if churches outnumbered public schools in our area too, but that would be a closer contest.

    And these churches ALL teach that “a woman shall be subservient to the man”, that men are the heads of households, that being LGBTQ is a sin, that “repopulating the Earth” is God’s primary command (from Genesis), etc. Hell, I just read in the Bible recently that women don’t even need to understand the Gospel, because “they can be saved through childbearing” (I Timothy 2:15).

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