Wherein the City of Providence drops the ball on snow plowing

The streets around me – namely Knight, Grove and Andrews – they did a terrible job of plowing. For having two days since the storm there’s not much room on the roads around here. It’s funny I was coming out of Knight onto Broadway and I see red flashing lights coming up behind us. Luckily he turned off onto Grove before – because if he’d come up Knight any further there wasn’t enough room for me to pull right, and nor room for the left turn and right turn lanes.

This is shameful – one thing that always bothered me about Rhode Island and Providence in particular is everything is done half-ass.

The rest of the city isn’t much better. And I note, Councilman Yurdin hasn’t kept up with keeping the overpass to I-95 sidewalks clear. Time to shoot him an email.


3 thoughts on “Wherein the City of Providence drops the ball on snow plowing

  1. We’ve seen a drastic cutback in slowplowing around here as well in the last 8-10 years. They stop plowing the highways around 6:30 PM and don’t put the plows out until around 4 AM even on the state and federal highways. Don’t know why you’re in this situation but here it’s politics. Our governor refuses to increase the fuel tax or otherwise fund the DOT budget properly, and the local government jurisdictions can’t handle the ever increasing costs on their own without state aid. The local government jurisdictions would increase taxes to pay for it with the support of the public, but the state passed laws that prevent local jurisdictions from increasing taxes. The result is the entire highway system is falling apart to make a political point. Sigh…

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