The Cams of the house of Truthspew

So I got one for the kitchen. It was interesting today watching the workmen – one stood around most of the time whilst the other was busy tearing out the cabinets and sink.

For instance here’s Joe the guy standing around:


Now the scuttlebut is that Joe is dating on and off with the landlady. And better – that when previous tenants who lived upstairs had a cell phone place, he stole a bunch of cell phones.

And here’s Bobby who did most of the work:

There’s another of the crew named Mike who if he comes back is getting a Samurai sword rammed into his chest. And I shall hold what I know about Joe over his head. He doesn’t know how nasty I can play.

And as you can see – the cameras now have location and timestamp information.

Everything is back in but now we’re minus three drawers but we did gain three cabinets. So that’ll be nice. Plus a hell of a lot more counter space – even if there is only one electrical outlet in that part of the kitchen. The plumber is coming back tomorrow to run new lines to the sink. I knew it would be a two day project.

Whoever built this place and whoever put electric power in did a terrible job. I guess those are the pitfalls of living in a place that is 118 years old as of this date.

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