Life whilst blocking Microsoft Bing

So I have a Windows 10 machine and use the weather app. It works fairly well and is integrated into the Start button.

But I notice weather radar won’t come up. And then I realized why – it’s trying to reach out to Bing for the maps but since I blocked it to prevent Windows 10 from phoning home it can’t. Ha! And sure enough if I login to my firewall I see the attempt coming from my machine getting bit bucketed.

It results in the following:


Now the actual weather works.


And if you look at the forecasted temperatures for Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday – for January you’ll see the temps we’re seeing for the next four days are well above average for January.


Yes indeed, temperatures that belong in April/May are happening in January. Tell me climate change or global warming isn’t real.

And I realized my Cisco RV110W is getting a bit long in the tooth. Cisco has stopped pushing firmware updates and I’d really like something that could do gigabit Ethernet. Plus I have to change out my cable modem too for something that lets me get the max speed I’m paying for. I’ve got the new modem, just inertia preventing me – as you have to read off teeny tiny print of the devices address to Cox. Replacing the RV110W is easier – I can just export the settings and if I get another Cisco just upload the exported file and all is good. Yeah, I make backup files of all my devices.

One thought on “Life whilst blocking Microsoft Bing

  1. I do like this weather app. My radar seems to be working, but I did have to block Microsoft from installing updates to Windows 10, because they kept failing and retrying, for days on end. Finally, the only thing I got to work was a registry hack, which tells windows I’m on a metered internet connection.

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