On Headphones

Gave up on wired headphones some time ago. Because as I well knew the audio jacks on computers and phones wear out quickly.

Now I had settled with Fueladture headphones. Only problem is they have two weak points, on the rotator hinge for each phone, and on the crossover band. It’s sort of a shame – the electronics are pretty good with 45 hours on a charge and audio that isn’t awful.

But someone had the same headphones and we kept going through them because they’d fail at one of the points mentioned above. So email wise I subscribe to a few lists – and one article was Best Bluetooth Headphones – so I I saw a pair with metal phone brackets, a flexible crossover, same 45 hour time and price is close to what the Fueladture’s cost.

So I ordered someone a set  – we dutifully put them on the charger until the red light winked out. Pairing them on Windows 7 went smoothly. Finally added them someones machine – and they sound pretty damned good. Plus they don’t suffer the failure modes of the Fueladtures. So I ordered myself a pair as my Fueladtures are cracked.

They’re Avantree headphones – and on Amazon of course.


Oh another thing – these all have NFC chips in them but our phones don’t do NFC for a reason.  The only possible failure point I see on these is the wire that goes up to the headband/crossover. But I don’t think that’ll arise as an issue.

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