The general befuddlement and chutzpah of the public

You might know – our weekly shopping takes us to between 2 and 5 places. At one of those places we just have a few items and want to scan out.

There’s two of us in line and the woman at the self checkout is befuddles as to how to scan a coupon and the woman making the  payment takes a good five minutes for the woman to figure out she has to insert her bank card.  That’s the befuddlement part. People can’t really handle having to swipe, tap, or insert their debit/credit cards.

But then the people in front of us get to to the register –  everything scans fine. But then the woman has the chutzpah to take out the store’s coupon book that we all get mailed to us, and page through to see if any coupons apply to items she and her husband have bought. Ut si! Me and someone were rolling our eyes on that one. I think it’s because the store I’m referring to – most of the coupons can be loaded or attached to your membership card and just apply to the sale. No fuss or muss with paper coupons.

Really people, it’s 2018! We’re now firmly entrenched in the 21st century. Learn how to use a POS card reader and prepare by tearing out coupons AHEAD of time or loading them to your card. I mean really – it isn’t cool to inconvenience those waiting to check out.

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